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Life In The UK Test Practice

Practice for the Life in the United Kingdom test here. Sign up today for our online tests, featuring hundreds of different questions. At the end of each test we provide explanations to any incorrect answers.

Our Citizenship tests

Our tests consist of randomly chosen questions covering topics such as British history, society, government and everyday life. They are not the official questions but they are based on them.

Passing the Life in the UK Test is one of the requirements to become a British citizen or permanent resident in the United Kingdom.

life in the UK FAQs

What is the Life In The UK test?

The Life in the United Kingdom test is a computer-based test constituting one of the requirements for anyone seeking Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen.

It is meant to prove that the applicant has a sufficient knowledge of British life and sufficient proficiency in the English language.

How many questions are there in the test?

It consists of 24 questions covering topics such as British society, government, everyday life and employment.

What is the pass mark?

You must answer 18 questions correctly within 45 minutes.

Why do I need to take it?

This test is a requirement for people applying for British citizenship or long term residency.

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